Vidnami Alternative [2021] | Best Article to Video Converter Tool

9 Reasons to Use Videomaker –


With the recent news of Vidnami selling its technology to GoDaddy, many video content creators are left seeking an article to video converter and Vidnami substitute.


Look no further, I found the tool for you!


Videomaker’s interface makes it easy to use and, with the help A.I., allows beginners to quickly create videos.


Powerful Article to Video Converter – 9 Benefits


1. Interface is simple and intuitive.


Videomaker makes it easy to choose the industry and mood that you desire, right after you have added a title. You can find out more.


2. You can access your videos wherever you may be.


3. All platforms supported by One accounts


You can transfer assets from Logomaker or Mockupmaker to your videos.


4. Huge collection of assets.


5. Engage with your content even if you don’t have any text


Video, in fact, is a combination of audio and visual content.


6. You have money in your head?


7. A.I. Let A.I.


8. A storyboard is a way to share your story.


9. Do you need feedback? Send us your feedback immediately!



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