Self Care for Teachers | An Awesome Free Solution 

 August 30, 2021

By  James Brauer

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In an effort to answer the call of rising teacher disengagement, increased levels of burnout, and the “Great Migration” away from the teaching field, a licensed professional counselor came running to help.

Katie Quick, a former teacher turned counselor, is done sitting back and watching the education field become infiltrated with extremely high levels of stress, anxiety, and frustration among teachers. Her response–a free resource to promote self-care for educators.

Katie is the founder of Rebel Teacher, whose mission is centered around reducing teacher burnout. Rebel Teacher also powers a community of like-minded educators.

Self Care for Teachers Membershp Benefits

According to the website:

You will get social and emotional support as well as easy access to self-care when you join our members community.

Every month you’ll receive:

– self-care workshop presented by various professionals;

– guided self-reflection and musical sessions, as well as a recorded/live meditation session;

– guided meditation sent directly to your email inbox;

– themed journal promots for self-reflection;

– access to a private membership group, rich with resources and a community of educators and administrators; and

– early access and discounts for retreats, concerts and other events.


James Brauer

James Brauer, Ed.D., MBA is currently a virtual school administrator of a public online school serving students throughout the state of Iowa. Previously, Brauer served as an assistant principal and special education teacher. He is passionate about leadership and management, health and wellness, and personal development.

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