July 16

Overcome Laziness with these 5 Simple Productivity Tips


Productivity is fueled by mental drive and a positive outlook. This video will show you 5 creative ways to overcome your laziness so that you can be more productive in every aspect of life from work, school, relationships or anything else on your daily agendas!

5 Productive ways to overcome laziness: Get up and Do Something!

Getting yourself off the couch and doing something is one of the easiest and most productive things you can do for yourself! Many people who are lazy in life, don’t just stay idle by sitting on the couch all day. They usually do this by “multi-tasking.” I find that if I’m watching a movie or show, I’m obsessive about gathering up my dishes and making sure the kitchen is clean right after dinner. I also get up frequently to take small breaks at work. It’s hard to focus on my task 100% when I’m in a seated environment for hours on end, so I make sure to stand up and move around every hour or so (even if it’s just walking outside the building).

5 Productive ways to overcome laziness: Take care of your body

Make sure you are taking proper care of yourself physically by getting enough sleep, eating healthy and exercising daily! Laziness is NOT caused from lack of energy (as some people think) it’s actually created from poor sleeping patterns, improper dieting or inconsistent exercise habits. Change this today by getting up earlier in the morning, working out at night after work/school or simply waking up 15 minutes earlier to get in a quick workout. You’ll feel more productive and less lazy if you take care of your body!

5 Productive ways to overcome laziness: Do not eat too many calories

Eating too many calories is one of the top causes for laziness (not enough energy). The average American eats over 3,000 calories per day. This is way beyond what our bodies can actually process which leads to unwanted weight gain, fatigue, brain fog & sickness. Cut out junk food from your diet by eating more fruits, vegetables & lean meats (fish/chicken). They are all healthy sources of fuel that will leave you feeling motivated throughout the day with no sugar crashes or afternoon lulls!

5 Productive ways to overcome laziness: Accountability

Tell someone your goals and simply ask them for accountability. Getting that “nudge” when you’re getting lazy will have a huge impact on moving you forward. If they don’t hold you accountable, find somebody you feel close to that WILL help keep things in check! This way you’ve got double-the-strength of encouragement going towards your goals!

5 Productive ways to overcome laziness: Cleanliness

Chaos and disorganization is the enemy of productivity. If we don’t have a system in place to get stuff done on time, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with lack of motivation. The best way to combat this is by learning how to clean up after yourself as you go through your day. This means throwing away trash, cleaning off your desk, making the bed and cleaning up after meals. This way, you can focus on other areas of your life without feeling overwhelmed or stressed out!

Laziness is a huge problem, but you don’t have to fall trap to being lazy forever. These 5 productive ways will help you overcome laziness and help you toward getting more done each day!

If any of these tips or tricks sound intriguing to try out for yourself, let us know in the comments below.


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