January 24

My 1st Online School Vlog Blasts-off on Powerful YouTube


From my Online School Vlog

My intent is to publish content from curated resources, as well as provide my own original content. I'm hoping to use this channel as a way to provide insight on how an online school principal thinks, leads, and helps build an effective system for students to learn.

This online school vlog also serves as a great way to communicate directly to online students and teachers--providing resources related to self-care, personal development, or recommendation of online tools that will help others feel more effective day-to-day.

My overall goal is to create a vibrant community as we work toward bettering ourselves...this way, we can become the best student we can be, or teacher, or administrator, or parent serving as a Learning Coach and supporting their children at home.

But, I won't quit trying.

I can't quit trying. 

It's who I am as an educator.

And so, because of this, I decided to launch this YouTube channel as my project to provide resources and information to help our online education community.

About the author

James Brauer

James Brauer, Ed.D., MBA is currently a school administrator of an online public virtual school serving students throughout the state of Iowa. Previously, Brauer served as an assistant principal and special education teacher. He is passionate about leadership and management, health and wellness, and personal development.


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