My New Year Goals for Staff 

 January 5, 2021

By  James Brauer

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Earlier today, I shared my New Year goals for staff. Considering we just returned from a lengthy holiday vacation, it was tough to identify the specific thoughts to share. Nonetheless, I decided to stay true and consistent to the theme of this year–wellness for teachers. The following was shared with staff.

Stop Repeating the Same Mistakes

We know the old adage–“if you do the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results, is the definition of insanity.” It’s rather commonplace, but it’s true too.

To enhance productivity and happiness at work, it’s important to identify those things that are not working. Reflect on them. Determine how and why aren’t the intended outcomes being achieved. And then stop it! Stop doing the same things that don’t work. It’s only going to lead to disengagement, frustration, and lower morale.

Consider Productivity as Progress, Not Perfection

I’m very particular about not burning-out staff. Particularly in an online school setting, it can seem as though we are connected to our work 24 x 7. But, that’s obviously not healthy in the slightest.

The other thing I battle is the concept that “working hard” means top performance. That can be a tough conversation to have with an employee who is struggling with work performance.

“But, I’m working hard every day,” they say.

Well, it’s probably very true. They are definitely working harder than everybody else. Unfortunately, it’s because they haven’t identified what works and what doesn’t. What work tasks need to be eliminated. And, what can be delegated and what can’t.

Productivity needs to be thought of as what are the particular small tasks needed to achieve the goal. That process is purposeful and strategic.

Take Time Off Work

Sadly, there are many in the workforce afraid to take time off for fear of repercussions. They fear dissatisfaction from a supervisor, stigma of looking non-loyal to the company, or in jeopardy of losing out on promotions and opportunities.

We need to take time away from work. It’s vital we recharge our batteries and return to work with the needed energy.

Managers and supervisors need to ensure their team members feel safe and comfortable using time off.

Adapt and Change, as Needed

Rounding out my new year goals for staff was the topic of adaptability an change. I’m pretty sure the year 2020 will be a poster child for the work skill of change and adaptability. We never know what influences may infiltrate our lives. As such, it’s vital that we can adapt, be flexible, and change course quickly.

This is a vitally important for aspiring managers and leaders.

James Brauer

Dr. James Brauer - an EdTech trailblazer who empowers educators, professionals, and entrepreneurs to embrace the transformative power of technology and AI, while cultivating the skills and mindset needed to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Join his movement to unlock your potential, build a personalized system for learning, and make a tangible difference in the lives of others.

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