Is Remote Work Effective? These 3 Powerful Benefits Suggest the Answer is Yes. 

 July 4, 2021

By  James Brauer

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Is Remote Work Effective? 3 Best Reasons to Work Remotely

Remote work is not a new phenomenon. It’s the way most people worked before the industrial revolution, when factories replaced home-based businesses. Remote work allowed for more leisure time and afforded opportunities to explore other careers or start their own businesses.

Remote work is a popular choice for many people because it can be so much more relaxing. Some of the most well-known companies in America have at least half their employees working remotely, and studies show that these workers are happier than those who commute to an office every day! With all this evidence pointing towards remote work being better, now may just be the perfect time to make your own change.

3 Benefits of Remote Work

Working remotely has a number of benefits, and while they vary depending on what profession you work in, there are three that can be seen across the board.

In this article, we are going to highlight three positives to working remotely. These include the opportunity to save money on select expenses, increase one’s overall productivity, and enhance work-life with more free time.

Save Money

By not having to pay for gas, parking or other expenses associated with traveling into the office every day you can easily save a couple hundred dollars per month, and that adds up fast over time. I’ve saved enough money in two years of working from home to buy a new laptop!

But really, it’s more about freedom than just saving money. You’ll have opportunities to take trips during work days when otherwise you wouldn’t be able to get away from your desk. If you’re considering buying a house or moving farther away because housing prices are lower where you want to live, now you might be able to afford it without sacrificing your job and the lifestyle it brings.

Increased Productivity

Studies show that being in an office environment can be distracting and stressful (people walking around and chatting, having to get up for meetings or presentations, having to leave the building altogether because your boss wants to chat).

When you work from home, there is no one around vying for your time. You have the freedom to eliminate distractions and block off times that are designated just for work. By setting realistic deadlines and dedicating a space in your home only for working (preferably not your bedroom), remote workers tend to be more productive than those who commute every day.

In addition, studies show that employees working remotely don’t miss as much work due to illness compared with full-time office workers. Plus, there’s evidence that remote workers actually take fewer sick days!

More Free Time

Working remotely will enable you to take your work with you. If you have the internet, a laptop and an iPhone or Android device, then you can pretty much access most of your company’s resources from wherever in the world you are. You could be on vacation and need some information urgently? No problem! Check your email on your phone and get right back to it!

Working from home means you can take advantage of the free time that you have. If you love to bike, work those morning hours. Enjoy a quiet afternoon at the beach—you get the idea! It’s your choice on how you want to spend your days.

Working remotely is a great alternative for those who are tired of commuting to an office, or if you simply want to be more productive and have more free time. Working from home has been on the rise in recent years with some of the biggest companies in America having at least 50% of their workforce working remotely (Google, Yahoo!, IBM). Studies also show that remote workers are happier and less stressed than those who commute into an office every day. With all these benefits, it may be time to rethink how you spend your days!

Interested in Giving Remote Work a Try?

Working remotely decreases commute times, increases productivity and provides more free time. Remote work is a great option for people who are tired of commuting to an office or want to put in their best effort at work without distractions.

If you would like to work remotely or know someone who wants to, feel free to post a link in the comment section below. I am working on an article with some resources and success stories, so check back soon!

James Brauer

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