Iowa Connections Academy: 4 Great Reasons Why You Should Enroll 

 July 28, 2021

By  James Brauer

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Do you live in Iowa and are looking for a full-time virtual public school? If so, then this blog post is for you! Iowa Connections Academy is a great place where students can work at their own pace alongside other students without ever leaving the comfort of their home. In fact, Iowa Connections Academy serves students in grades K-12 that reside throughout the state of Iowa!

Now, I won’t lie. I’m a little biased writing this article. I’ve had the privilege of serving as the founding virtual school administrator since Iowa Connections Academy opened for the 2012-13 school year. During this time, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many Iowa families to learn what their reasons are for selecting our virtual school to serve their children.

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider enrollment at Iowa Connections Academy.

Iowa Connections Academy is a tuition-free, public online school.

We provide an excellent education at no cost to families. Like every public school district in Iowa, we do not charge tuition. But, even better yet, we do not charge any fees for textbooks or activities fees.

Students have the opportunity to learn at their own pace and in their own time.

As part of the Iowa Connections Academy instructional model, students log on to the computer during their own time and can work at their pace in many different subjects including math, English language arts/reading, science, social studies and more. This allows students of all abilities to succeed.

This is an equitable approach to learning since students can access course “any time, any place, any where.”

But, what if a student needs academic supports or interventions? We got you!

Teachers provide synchronous and asynchronous academic supports.

Synchronous teaching is when the teacher and student are both online together in a classroom. The teachers will be able to see what the students are doing and help them with any problems that they might be running into. Asynchronous teaching is when the teacher and students are not seen at the same time. This is where a lot of intervention work happens. For example, if you need more instruction on subtracting integers, your math teacher would send you an email or give you a phone call about how to do it.

Because our instructional model allows students to truly work “any time, any place, any where”, our teaching staff does our best to adhere to your schedule.

We do operate standard business and school hours between 8am – 4pm CT. During these times, our teachers are prepared to work with students in virtual classrooms for live teaching and remediation, as well as conduct check-in phone calls.

Iowa Connections Academy is fully accredited and established.

Iowa Connections Academy has been reviewed and approved through various reviews and annual reporting to the Iowa Department of Education and regionally accredited through Cognia, formerly known as AdvancED.

In addition to our virtual instruction, we also provide pathways for credit recovery courses that students can take in order to graduate from high school with an accredited diploma.

Iowa Connections Academy is Iowa’s first public, virtual school. That history is something we are extremely proud about. We know that our school is larger than any of our staff members. It’s mission of successfully serving Iowa families is something we do not take lightly.

Our Mission is Your Mission – Your Child’s Success

Iowa Connections Academy is the best choice for Iowa families that want a high-quality public education.. Our virtual school provides an excellent educational experience, rich with academic supports and interventions, from our teachers who are committed to educating your child.

If you’re ready to enroll in Iowa Connections Academy today, please visit: https://www.connectionsacademy.com/iowa-online-school/enrollment

James Brauer

James Brauer, an education veteran with a rich 20-year career, merges his diverse experiences in special education, alternative and virtual schooling, and education administration in his incisive blog posts. Now, as a high school teacher imparting knowledge in English, Drama, and Career Communications, he combines his scholarly acumen with real-world insights to delve into the depths of education, business, and personal development. Each piece is a testament to James' unwavering commitment to future-ready skills and his ability to frame complex ideas in an accessible, engaging manner. Join him as he navigates the evolving landscapes of these intersecting fields, always with an eye on the horizon of learning innovation.

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