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Your Blog Post Doesn’t Need to be Profound

So here goes my first official blog post of my redesigned, repurposed blog. And yet, after sitting at the computer for nearly 25 minutes with nothing show on my monitor I was reminded of an important notion–you don’t always have to be profound.How Profound Must a Blog Post Be?

Sounding like a thought-leader is perhaps one of the biggest stumbling blocks for individuals wishing to launch a blog and write a powerful blog post that’s sure to go viral. That one blog post is the first impression to others that will quickly judge and determine if you’re worth their time.

But let’s be realistic, not everything you say must be profound.

Rather, I argue it’s more important to begin establishing a connection and forging a relationship with others that can become long-term. Sometimes, you just have to be authentic, open, honest, transparent, and down-to-earth with others to better understand who you really are.

Once you accept that relationship-building is more important than information and knowledge you share with others, you’ll feel the chains released and “writer’s block” removed.  Trust and authenticity is key.

Is there much more to the anatomy of a blog post? Absolutely. but, we’ll save those technicalities and nuances for another day.

With that, I publish my first blog post and look forward to cultivating a healthy relationship as we proceed on our mutual journey.

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