Back-to-School Nails | Top 8 Amazing Art Ideas 

 August 8, 2021

By  James Brauer

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Nail art is a great way to express yourself and show off your creativity. If you’re looking for some back-to-school nails ideas for back-to-school, we’ve got you covered!

Back-to-School Nails Ideas

Celebrate the upcoming semester with a fresh new nail design!

Idea #1: Chevron Zipper

This back-to-school design is perfect for any fashion lover! The chevron pattern has been trending this summer and can be used in back-to-school designs as well. You’ll need a nail art brush and small pieces of tape. To get started, paint your nails with a base coat; then apply two coats of polish to each finger (or three if you’re going for a bolder look). Wrap the tape horizontally around each nail so that half of each nail is covered by the tape. Start painting right on top of the bottom piece of tape.

Make sure to leave some space between lines – we suggest using a ruler to help guide you! Once you’ve reached the end, pull off the piece of tape and apply a topcoat. Apply it to each nail, but do not let the polish dry entirely so that there is still wet polish underneath the tape. Now, take a small piece of tape and remove the backing from one side only. Place this piece back on your nail so that it looks like a zipper. You can also use white or silver nail polish to create a zig-zag pattern.

Easily add back-to-school spirit with this marbled design!

Idea #2: Marble Nails

This back-to-school nails design is super easy to do, but it adds a fun back-to-school twist! Start by painting your nails a base color (we used black). Next, you’ll need white polish and a makeup sponge. Squish the makeup sponge into the black polish to get an ombre effect. Immediately dab your nails with the back of the same sponge to create back-to-school marbled back-to-school polka dots. Use the back of the sponge to add some back-to-school accents!

Be creative with this French Tip design that features lots of back-to-school colors!

Idea #3: French Tip back-to-school Nails

This back-to-school look is perfect for teachers or students at all grade levels – but what makes it great is that it has back-to-school colors AND inspiration. We chose back-to-school colors in the form of a back-to-school French manicure. Paint your nails with back-to-school colors (we used black, white, and red). Then, draw on the back or a quote/phrase you are inspired by! You can choose any inspirational message that means back-to-school to you.

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#4 Neon Nails

This back-to-school design is the perfect idea for students attending daycare or younger siblings who don’t want their nails painted. You’ll need neon glitter polish, a clear base coat, and a makeup sponge. Squish the makeup sponge into the nail polish to get an ombre effect. Apply whatever other back-to-school decoration accents that you’d like – we chose multi-colored sharpies.

Idea #5: Back-to-School Nails Art

This back-to-school nails art idea is just too cute! You’ll need a makeup sponge, black sharpie (or any other color that you’d like), and red paint or polish. Squish the makeup sponge into the black nail polish, taking care not to get too much on your fingers. Then, draw an outline around each nail using the sharpie pen. Finally, finish by going over the lines inside the shape with red polish (if you want a three-dimensional look). Paint on back panels as accents with a small brush or dotting tool.

Idea #6: Black and White Nails with a back to School Print

This back-to-school nails idea is straightforward, but it has a sophisticated back-to-school look. All you need are mini back-to-school nail art stickers (found at your local craft store) and a clear base coat. Place the back of the sticker against your nail, then brush on some clear base coat over the top. This will help create a glossy effect similar to that of an actual sticker decal. Once dry, apply any other accents that you’d like! The best part about this design is that it’s completely customizable! You can choose back-to-school stickers with a back-to-school theme or back-to-school phrases!

Idea #7: Chevron Nails in back to School Colors

If you want something straightforward AND back-to-school themed, this is the design for you. All you need are your favorite back-to-school colors (we used black and white) and a makeup sponge. Squish the makeup sponge into each polish and apply one color over the other in a back and forth cross pattern. While definitely not as intricate, this design has all of the fun back-to-school flairs without being too difficult or time-consuming.

Idea #8: Back To School French Manicure with Glitter Accents

This fun and simple design are perfect for students in grade 3, 4, or 5. You’ll need your favorite back-to-school nails’ colors (we used black and white) and a makeup sponge. Squish the makeup sponge into each polish; then apply one color over the other in a cross pattern. Once dry, add some glitter accents using any type that you prefer! We went with an ombre effect of blue, pink, and green glitter back-to-school colors.

And there you have it! These 8 back-to-school nail art designs are great for teachers, students, or just plain back-to-school lovers.

Want back-to-school nail art ideas? We’ve got you covered! This in-depth article contains the most back-to-school nail designs for students, teachers, or just plain back-to-school lovers. You’ll find clever and creative back-to-school manicure inspiration that is not only practical but also fun for all ages! From simple designs with stickers or a French tip look to more intricate ombre nails adorned with glitter accents – we hope there’s something here for everyone. Let us know which design was your favorite by leaving a comment below this post. Now go get ready for those first days of back to school because it will be here before you know it!

James Brauer

James Brauer, Ed.D., MBA is currently a virtual school administrator of a public online school serving students throughout the state of Iowa. Previously, Brauer served as an assistant principal and special education teacher. He is passionate about leadership and management, health and wellness, and personal development.

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