About James Brauer

About James Brauer

Hello! I’m James Brauer, a seasoned educator on a transformative journey. As a lifelong learner with an insatiable curiosity and desire to serve others, I am returning to my roots as an educator–this time as a high school English teacher, instructing English III, Business Communications, and Intro to Drama/Advanced Drama. My extensive educational background, combined with my innovative approaches, uniquely positions me to inspire students in both traditional and virtual environments.

📚 Teaching With A Twist

With my vlog and informational channel, “Brauer Unabridged: Classroom Reboot,” I invite you to experience the world of education through the lens of an English teacher. It’s a guided exploration, not just of teaching methods, but of philosophy, adaptability, creativity, and the complex beauty of connecting with students. The classroom comes alive as we balance lessons, skills, work-home life, and those special candid moments that make teaching a rich profession.

🎓 Diverse Educational Expertise

My comprehensive background encompasses a Doctorate and an Educational Specialist degree in Education Administration, an MBA focusing on Leadership and Management, and Masters degrees in Special Education and Curriculum & Instruction. This mosaic of educational perspectives equips me with a unique ability to understand and contribute to various teaching scenarios, be it urban or rural, online or in-person.

🔭 Tech-Savvy and Future-Focused

My fascination with technology and its potential is more than just theoretical; it’s applied. I’ve been a founding principal of a virtual school and explored how technology can enrich learning, making education resilient and adaptive. These experiences have not only provided me with an edge in integrating technology but also instilled in me a belief that it can be harnessed to unlock untold opportunities.

🧠 Mindful and Human-Centric Approach

My exploration into mindfulness, human consciousness, and self-discovery informs my approach to education. I view learning as a holistic process, one that nurtures the intellectual and emotional well-being of students. I firmly believe in creating a space where students can achieve peak performance and happiness.

👥 Collaborator, Innovator, and Iowa Transplant

My approach is not traditional, nor linear. Instead, I bring a fresh perspective, a willingness to question the status quo, and a commitment to collaborative growth. My relocation from the Chicagoland area to small-town Iowa has further enriched my understanding of diverse life experiences.