About James Brauer: AI-Enhanced Learning Visionary & Founder of LeadingEdge

About James Brauer: AI-Enhanced Learning Visionary & Founder of LeadingEdge

Dr. James Brauer’s journey began in the classroom, fueled by a passion for education and a desire to empower others. With his extensive academic background, including a doctorate in educational administration and multiple master’s degrees, James quickly became a leader in the field of education. However, he realized that the rapidly changing landscape of work, personal growth, and technology demanded a new approach to helping others succeed.

The Turning Point

James recognized that educators, professionals, and entrepreneurs needed guidance and support to navigate the challenges of integrating technology, specially AI, into their work and personal lives. As a visionary in AI-enhanced learning, he founded LeadingEdge, a platform designed to address these needs and empower individuals to harness the power of AI and technology for their success.

Embracing the Future

Today, as a full-time digital creator and founder of LeadingEdge, James champions the future of work and education, focusing on the impact of artificial intelligence and technology. His two podcasts, “Coming to a Classroom Near You” and “So What?” produced by BAM! Radio Network, explore the latest trends and ideas at the intersection of education and technology. He also hosts “LeadingEdge Life“, a podcast geared toward midlife professionals and individuals seeking to live a life they love.

Providing Solutions

Understanding the diverse needs of his target audience, James developed “LeadingEdge Newsletter“, which delivers tailored content to help mid-life professionals reinvent their lives in the face of technological advancements. LeadingEdge also offers a supportive community where individuals can connect, collaborate, and share resources, addressing the unique challenges of skill development, work-life balance, and networking in the modern world.

A Life Dedicated to Empowerment

While James’ professional achievements are impressive, his dedication to empowering others extends to his personal life. As a husband and father, he’s committed to nurturing well-being across all aspects of life. His philosophy, rooted in connectivism, personal learning networks (PLN), and the 8 Dimensions of Wellness, encourages individuals to pursue personal growth, continuous learning, and connection with others.

Join the Journey

Dr. James Brauer invites you to join him and the LeadingEdge community on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Embrace the opportunities of today’s rapidly evolving world and become a future-focused, leading-edge individual who makes a positive impact on your life and the lives of those around you.