5 Signs You Need More Self Love 

 January 22, 2021

By  Sarah Abrams

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You Need More Self Love

With the numerous pressures from the modern world crashing down onto people, it’s no surprise that many are finding that they need more self love. Here are signs that you may need more self love.

You Don’t Have as Much Interest

Do you have hobbies and interests that just don’t seem to really excite you or make you feel good anymore? If you’ve recently experienced a major change in attitude towards the things that used to get you out of bed, then it’ pretty possible that you need more self-love. When you don’t take care of your emotional needs and allow stress to rule multiple aspects of your life, the things that you once loved won’t feel the same.

Symptoms like those are found in depression as well. Depression can be a natural effect caused by unfulfillment in life. Two examples could be a job that grates on you, or an environment that you has become oppressive. These things can also be signs of a type of burnout. The responsible, self-loving thing to do would be to allow yourself to have more time to relax. It’s important to work, but it’s also important to be balanced.

When that balance gets murky, you can and most likely will get tired of the constant pressure. It might not be a threat at the moment, but things can change quickly, and suddenly you become overwhelmed. Stay balanced, and you’ll be less likely to fry yourself.

You Don’t Forgive Minor Trespasses

Have you caught yourself observing people and muttering unpleasant things under your breath? Misunderstandings happen, and sometimes those things can seem like much bigger issues than they really are in the grand scheme. When you aren’t feeling love for yourself, it’s a lot easier to get caught in a pattern of criticizing others. This habit of fault-finding is different than talking to a friend in a calm way about a troublesome path they’ve chosen.

That kind of talk comes out of concern, where fault-finding is more rooted in a person’s need to put down others so they can avoid looking at their own faults. When people make mistakes, it’s important to remember that people are incapable of being perfect, so it’s healthier to extend the same kind of forgiveness that you would want to have.

Spend some time thinking about how little many of these minor issues will affect your life. If you know that they won’t do any lasting damage, then it’s probably sufficient to say what you need to say to the person involved and move on. If not for them, it should be for your mental health.

You Feel You Are an Impostor

We each have an internal voice that sometimes plays tricks on us. It can make us doubt ourselves, sometimes even attack or ridicule you throughout the day. If you find yourself questioning your decisions, downplaying your potential, and attacking your positive thoughts then it is important to begin change your frame of mind. Thinking about positive things regarding your skills, talents, and interest are more important than ever.

Stop telling yourself you’re not good enough. This impostor syndrome will only continue to hold you back. Instead, practice positive self-talk for a period of time, and it could help you to gain a more realistic view of yourself.

Less Assertiveness

If you find yourself taking less initiative on things. Or, you don’t stand up for yourself like you used to, perhaps it is a sign that you more self-love. As you begin to do more healthy things for yourself, you will likely begin to feel better and more in touch with your heart, body, and soul.

You’re comfortability with life will likely lead to great confidence.

Lack of Hygiene

A large sign that you are neglecting your physical needs is if you find yourself cutting back on hygiene. If you shower less often, barely groom, pay less attention to hair and/or makeup, perhaps you’re in need for more self-love. Lack of hygiene can be connected to lower self-esteem or depressed outlook toward yourself. When you go through the routine of showering/bathing, taking time to look presentable, and dress for the day, your attitude will likely gain a boost of positivity. So too, should your confidence.

Sarah Abrams

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