Start Here

Start Here

Since my childhood, perhaps the best advice I ever received from countless individuals was–“surround yourself around successful people.” I’m guessing, you are here and willing to become involved in this blog community because of that very reason. I have a strong hunch the following probably describe you (though perhaps not all): highly motivated; possess strong leadership and management skills; successful; driven; passionate; strongly convicted; determined; goal-oriented; analytical; and/or committed to continuous improvement for yourself and organizations.

You are intelligent, skilled, and talented. You have information, skills, knowledge, and products to share with others.

It’s as if your destiny is to change the world through your positive contributions. You’re not concerned about your legacy; you’re too preoccupied helping others succeed.

Leadership and Management for Teacher Entrepreneurs

But, Does This Sound Like You?

  • You have knowledge and information to share with others. But, you aren’t sure how to ENHANCE YOUR SPHERE OF INFLUENCE or SHARE YOUR EXPERTISE.
  • You aspire for a professional position that requires greater responsibility with an organization or team. But, you wish to REFINE LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT SKILLS.
  • You want to blog or build a website. But, you don’t have a clue how to HOST, PUBLISH, and MAINTAIN A BLOG.
  • You want to collaborate with others to share your learning. But, you don’t know how to effectively INCREASE YOUR AUDIENCE AND WEBSITE TRAFFIC or  GROW YOUR EMAIL LIST.
  • You have a great solution to share with a school district, school building, or organization. But, you don’t know how to effectively create a BUSINESS OR MARKETING PLAN, nor how to CREATE DIGITAL INFOPRODUCTS, WEBINAR.S, OR PODCASTS.
  • You have so so so many ideas and motivation. But, don’t want to compromise your WORK-LIFE BALANCE or disrupt your overall HEALTH AND WELLNESS.

These are normal hurdles many of us have experienced and overcome. Just know–you’re not alone!

I’m Right There With You

I have struggled, and in many ways, continue to struggle with the aforementioned obstacles. Frankly, that was my motivation for creating this blog. I knew that if I could help others on their respective journey, I would also grow through my collaboration and partnership with this blog community.

Over the years, I have attempted so many different business models…and failed. I have sacrificed precious time that could have been spent with family and friends…to spend on other projects.  And, I’ve been in positions with greater responsibility and accountability…but, at times seem to have fallen short in my leadership and management approach.

My Goal for the Blog and Commitment to YouCommitment to Teacher Entrepreneurs and Edupreneurs

It is my intent to serve this blog community and our mutual goals through  my ever-growing and evolving blog posts, curated articles and commentary, digital tools and resources, and whatever else may soon be in the works.

My mission is quite simple—Help others Connect, Network, Learn.

My vision is to establish a quasi-personal learning network (PLN) or digital community of practice (COP) that helps us accomplish our goals, whether they be based around: a.) leadership and management; b.) teacher entrepreneurship; c.) personal/professional branding and marketing; and/or d.) health and wellness.

My core beliefs are as follows:

  • Learning is SOCIAL.
  • People want to learn, while engaging and collaborating with others.
  • People will continue to do what they feel successful doing…and what they see others successfully doing.
  • People want to learn that which is relevant and applicable to their personal and professional lives.
  • People want to be in charge of their own learning.
  • People learn based upon their connections with others’ learning.
  • Learning is FUN.

Through our mutual journey, we will all be empowered and equipped to achieve our goals.

So, Let’s Get Started…

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My Products and Services

In addition to the free blog content I provide, I will have a library of products available for sale that will assist you on your journey. Be sure to check out my Online Store for checklists, reports, eBooks, and mini courses. If all goes as planned, a built-in affiliate program will be constructed to compensate you with a sales commission for promoting my products. I promised you this was a mutual journey, right?

And Finally, a Word About Affiliates

Please note, some of my blog content does contain an affiliate link(s) to a variety of products, services, or apps that I believe would be advantageous for your journey. Should you click through the affiliate link and finalize a purchase, my company (LearningMesh, LLC) will receive a small commission for the transaction. It’s important to note, I only promote products, services, and/or apps that I truly believe would benefit you. Frankly, I do not make any recommendation unless I have used, or would intend, to use the product/service as well. Nonetheless, it’s important to disclose this information upfront.